Buy a book, change a life

Have you ever considered the impact a good book can have? Not only can it change your life but now, through buying the e-book of How to be a Productivity Ninja, you can also change the lives of young people in Tanzania.

Graham Allcott was the first Chairman of READ International and is now a founding ambassador for the charity. Graham is about to release the new kick-ass productivity book How to be a Productivity Ninja. Graham is donating all the profits from sales of the e-book version of How to be a Productivity Ninja to READ International, meaning that for every e-book sold, at least five real textbooks will find their way to schools in rural Tanzania!

We’re currently gearing up for the big book launch on Thursday July 5th.  There are a few tickets left for the 6.15pm talk and more left for the 8.15pm talk.  If you fancy joining us, it costs the same as just buying the book, only you get a free glass of wine. Click here to get your ticket to the launch!

READ International is delighted to be working with Think Productive to promote this innovative giving model. This is a brilliant example of supporting education in Tanzania whilst also getting something in return.

Graham’s opening line is about changing the world as effortlessly as possible.  So please buy lots of copies of the e-book version of How to be a Productivity Ninja, or donate directly to READ International by visiting: www.readinternational.org.uk. Please help us spread the word.

It doesn’t take much effort and it will seriously change lives.