Calling All Book Lovers, We Need You!

There’s nothing better than diving into a brand new book and getting lost for a couple days in some incredible story. Trust us, we know. No matter how much you love your books though, they inevitably seem to end up collecting dust on the shelf and let’s be honest, who has the space to keep all those books you’re not reading, you need to reserve it for the new books!

Book lovers, your old books need to come to READ.  Don’t let them sit on that shelf collecting dust, give them to us! Let us use your old books to inspire little book lovers all over Tanzania.

Now, there have been a lot of changes to READ recently, and I don’t want to mislead you. The books you donate no longer come straight to Tanzania. To be honest, it’s because some of those awesome books in the UK don’t work so well here with our students, but donating your books still makes a huge difference. When you drop a book in a READ book bin, that book is packaged by Veolia and prepared to be picked up by Better World Books. Better World Books goes through the books from the READ bins and decides what can be sold online and what needs to be recycled. Better World Books is a social business working in partnership with literacy charities like READ. We receive funding from each sale depending on the quality, age, and re-sale value of the book. This money goes towards funding our libraries and purchasing books that will get our students to love reading. It’s a brilliant scheme, if I do say so myself. And it works, it really does work. Check out the numbers below.



Proof that just by donating your old books, you’re making a difference. Because we’re go getters here at READ, we’ve set a lofty goal for ourselves this year. We’re trying to get 1,000,000 books donated to the READ UK Book Bins. Just imagine how many programmes we can run with funds generated from those book donations.

So book lovers, we’re calling you! Get on our website, (http://readinternational.org.uk/how-can-you-help/give-books/) find your nearest book bin and give us your books!