Imagine trying to learn without books or a space to study.  READ International uses a unique, youth-led volunteer model, to provide thousands of students in Tanzania each year with the resources they need to learn.

Our volunteers transform unused rooms in secondary schools into well-stocked libraries.  The libraries are provided with the essentials: shelves, tables, seats and books. The books we provide are donated books from the UK and newly purchased Tanzanian books that follow the country’s syllabi.

By creating a functional and inspirational learning environment we are providing the tools for effective learning and promoting a culture of reading. Alongside the creation of new libraries we continue to review the use and effectiveness of existing READ International libraries.




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Tanzania Volunteering Programme

We want young people to become active local and global citizens and see volunteering as a platform to achieve this. Our volunteering opportunities bring sustainability and longevity to our programmes by empowering young people to become peer educators.

By working on the library refurbishments, our volunteers gain new and useful skills. They gain experience in project management, finance, community outreach, team work, communication and various other skills.

Our volunteer programme is only open for current or recently graduated Tanzanian university students. Working with Tanzanian volunteers is a more sustainable way to deliver educational development in Tanzania. Empowering Tanzanian university student volunteers to take ownership and responsibility over supporting Tanzania’s educational challenges is just as important to READ’s mission as donating books and creating libraries.If you would like more information on the volunteering programme please email [email protected]

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READING-AND-LITERACY-PROGRAMME-imageOur Reading and Literacy Programme is READ’s newest effort to ensure that our libraries are used and are creating the biggest impact possible.

The Reading and Literacy Programme is an after school programme ran at schools with READ libraries that encourage students to be independent, confident readers.

READ trains Tanzanian teachers on how to create a welcoming, encouraging environment for students to learn in and how to teach and improve literacy in Kiswahili and English.

The students focus on texts in English and Kiswahili and read fiction books as well as articles from magazines and newspapers. Our aim is to encourage a culture of reading at the schools we work in and encourage students to read for pleasure.



Created 82 libraries, serving 51,775 students

Delivered over 1.4 million books to secondary schools

Trained teachers on literacy activities, library management and reading promotion


Independent and confident readers

An energised culture of reading within the school community

Schools that run efficient and friendly libraries