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Six New Libraries!

March was a great month for READ. We spent it doing what we do best: opening new libraries! Six new libraries to be exact. It was an eventful month as 29 new volunteers headed off to Mtwara, Ruvuma, Pwani and Lindi to provide 6 deserving schools with textbooks, fiction books and a beautiful place to store and use their new resources!

Thanks to our generous funders, Wentworth Africa Foundation, Songas, Said Salim Bakhresa and Co Limited, Mantra Tanzania Limited, and Mark Dearden with BG Tanzania we were able to provide 2,820 students with a place to study and resources to study with. With our additional sponsors, Unwin Charitable Trust, Tanzanian Development Trust, Gilchrist Educational Trust, Book Aid International and Oxford University Press, we were able to donate over 12,000 books to our six schools!

Just in case you need a reminder of how our library refurbishments work, we send energetic, passionate Tanzanian university volunteers into government schools to spend 3.5 weeks transforming an unused, rundown classroom into a beautiful new library. They manage the project and get involved in the dirty work as they fix, design and organize the new library. The pressure is on as they work to finish the project on time and in budget and they do a pretty good job if we do say so ourselves.


 Mwyini Secondary Library


Rwinga Secondary Library


Mwena Secondary Library


Ilulu Girls Secondary Library 


Raha Leo Secondary Library


Mtapika Secondary, Mtwara


It was a great refurbishment cycle and we couldnt have done it without the dedication of our wonderful volunteers! Well be patiently waiting for the next cycle to open up the next batch of libraries and to work with more amazing young people!