Kishimba Books

Three-and-a-Half Weeks Later

July has come and gone and so have our volunteers. We had a fantastic refurbishment cycle this summer with seventeen phenomenal volunteers from various universities in Dar es Salaam.

We did four libraries in the three-and-a-half week refurbishment cycle. Although all cycles are exciting and inspiring, we had a particularly interesting time this summer; we piloted our first primary school library refurbishments!

With the two primary refurbishments and the other two secondary refurbishments, READ had a thrilling summer to say the least.

It all started where it usually starts, at our three day library refurbishment training. We had students from all areas of studies:  IT, medicine, law, and education, just to name a few. We had sessions on getting quality shelves made, team work, reading activities and various other helpful topics. After the three days together, the teams were off! Two teams to work in Dar es Salaam at Msasani A and Msasani B primary schools , one team up north to Shinyanga to work at Kishimba Secondary and one team all the way south to work in Ruvuma at Selous Secondary ( as in inside the Selous National Park!)

The volunteers were busy the first week getting to know the school and planning their library…

Kishimba Arriving                  Selous Planning


By the second week they were knee deep in it with the arrival of READ books…

Kishimba Books                                          Msasani Referencing

Third week was a bit stressful as the volunteers attempted to get all the referencing, painting and furniture done before the opening ceremonies…

Msasani Painting           Selous Painting Furniture


When the three-and-a-half weekes were finished, all the volunteers had created stunning libraries and left their schools with that tingly feeling you only get when you’ve worked your hardest to do something amazing for someone else.


Selous completed library happy volunteers

                  Three-and-a-half-weeks later: Selous Secondary. Generously funded by Mantra.

Kishimba completed library happy volunteers               Three-and-a-half-weeks later: Kishimba Secondary. Generously funded by Atlas Copco. 

Msasani completed library happy volunteers

Three-and-a-half weeks later: Msasani A and Msasani B Primary. Generously funded by Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Oysterbay

It was an amazing summer. Lucky for us, we’re introducing a third cycle of refurbishments this year that will take place in September. Stay tuned, four more libraries are on their way!