What Are Your New Years Resolutions?

The new year has arrived and we all know what that means: a fresh start! Whether it’s focusing on your career goals, saving money or loosing that holiday weight (and then some), we know you’ve got some resolutions for 2016.

What if we told you there are ways you can accomplish your resolutions and support a fantastic, innovative NGO?

Trying to get healthy in 2016? Come and get fit with READ! Join one of our various sponsored events (http://readinternational.or.tz/get-involved/) and run, walk or cycle your way to a new you! Get healthy while also helping students like Lucy accomplish their goals. It’s a win-win!



Making a resolution to read more in 2016? Why not add to your resolution by purchasing a book for a student in Tanzania everytime you purchase one for yourself?  By becoming a monthly donor and donating £5 a month you can donate 12 books a year to students like Shadia and help her and many others achieve their potential! Check outhttp://readinternational.or.tz/get-involved/ for more information on becoming a monthly donor.



Trust us, you won’t be disappointed spending 2016 helping fantastic students find their passion for reading. We know because we get to do this every year and every year our resolution is the same: reach more students. So whether it’s running a half marathon or donating money, make sure you get involved this year; it’s worth it!